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Small Town Barbecue

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

(Updated: A.B.'s Bar-B-Que decided to close after several years in business.)

This weekend I traveled to Hawkinsville, Georgia, and I went to A.B.'s Bar-B-Que. Small town barbecue restaurants are the best, and usually every small town has one. A.B.'s Bar-B-Que is a great place to go if you are in need of a quick lunch break or meeting with family, There are plenty of places to sit, and the food is fresh and delicious!

big smokey & french fries

"The big smokey is the local favorite," said waitress Carolyn Shannan. They toast both sides of the bun, add their slowly smoked pulled pork, smother it in their homemade barbecue sauce and top it off with a sliced pickle. "The sauce is homemade," said customer Tony Keith. "Somebody done fooled with it a little bit." You will fall in love at first bite because this sandwich is the definition of pure joy.

turkey salad

My absolute favorite dish to order is the turkey salad. You can order the sandwich or eat it with crackers, but honestly I just eat it with a spoon. It is that good! This wonderful dish is smooth, smoky and perfectly seasoned. If you are wanting something on the lighter side but still full of flavor, this turkey salad is for you! I suggest ordering a pint to go because when you get home, you are going to wish you had some.

cheeseburger & french fries

A.B.'s is also known for their cheeseburgers. As you bite into the sandwich, the cold crunch of the lettuce and warm melted cheddar cheese fill your mouth. You can order the cheeseburger all the way or however you please, but whatever you decide make sure to order french fries. They are crunchy on the outside, warm on the inside and salted to perfection.

You can't go to a small town barbecue restaurant without ordering homemade ice cold sweet tea. These cups are huge, so you will be able to enjoy your meal without having to run up and down to get refills.

The next time you're passing through Hawkinsville, Georgia, visit A.B.'s Bar-B-Que, where everything is cooked "the old fashioned way."


smoked ribs

You've been invited to A.B.'s Bar-B-Que!

109 Broad St, Hawkinsville, GA 31036

Facebook: @absbbq

(478) 892-3264


Photo Credit: Katie Marie

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