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Brew-tiful Mornings

Nothing says Fall, like sitting in your local coffee shop and sipping on the best coffee to ever touch your tongue. I have always been a big coffee drinker, and I am not exaggerating when I say Oconee Coffee Roasters in Madison, Georgia has the best coffee! I order the same drink everyday before work, and I haven't got tired of it yet. Everyday I take that first sip and time stops for a moment as the delicious flavors settle in my mouth. Who knew such a simple cup of coffee could taste so good.

The drinks here are simple - coffee, milk and sugar, but the focus on quality allows the coffee beans to shine, so you will not want extra ingredients to ruin the beauty and richness of the fresh roasted coffee beans.

iced latte with oat-milk & simple syrup

My favorite drink to order is an iced latte with oat-milk and organic simple syrup. This latte is made with the Oconne Blend which is 50% washed Columbian, 40% washed Ethiopian and 10% natural Ethiopian. Click here to learn the difference between washed and natural coffee.

Jin, owner and head roaster, grinds the coffee beans right in front of you. He takes his time and puts so much focus on measurements and ratios to make sure you get the perfect cup every time. This deep roast brings out balance in all of the flavors. It is approachable, light and elegant. The oat-milk adds another level of thickness, and I have always enjoyed a hint of nuttiness in my coffee.

Jin and Jenny are the owners of Oconee Coffee Roasters. They moved to Madison to fulfill their dream of owning a specialty Cafe and Roastery. Jin has 14 years of experience in the coffee industry, and his passion for coffee and supporting local businesses shows. Click here to learn more about their story.

Jin & Jenny

The coffee Jin recommends trying is the pour-over, Ardi natural process, Ethiopian. This is his favorite natural process option, and it pairs nicely with a pastry. If you want to really appreciate the flavors and quality of this single origin coffee, I suggest drinking it black. This coffee is a rich, medium roast that is fruity and leaves a tangy sensation in your mouth. The flavor is phenomenal and made fresh right in front of you. Watch a video of Jin @smalltownsbigflavors to see the pour-over method in action.

pour-over, Ardi natural process, Ethiopian

iced mocha

The local favorite:

The Iced Mocha made with the Oconee Blend is the local favorite. This drink is creamy and has a rich, dark chocolate flavor. It is made with locally sourced milk from Rock House Creamery, two pumps of chocolate and one shot of espresso.

The Iced Mocha has the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee. If you love dark chocolate, you will love this drink. This cold, chocolaty 'cup of joe' will always leave you sweetly satisfied.

Rock House Creamery whole milk

The mission of Oconee Coffee Roasters is to serve the community specialty coffee made with precision and passion. The coffee is the star here, not over the top frappuccinos. Because of the simplicity and quality, you'll enjoy a cup full of flavor without over manipulating the character the coffee has to offer. If you ever find yourself visiting Madison, you don't want to miss out on Oconee Coffee Roasters' specialty coffee!

You can brew at home!

You've been invited to Oconee Coffee Roasters!

142 Academy Street, Madison, GA 30650

Instagram: @oconeecoffee

Facebook: @oconeecoffee


Photo Credit: Katie Marie

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