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Meet Me!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hey y'all! My name is Katie Marie, and I am from the small town Rutledge, Georgia. As a lover of food and coffee, I enjoy trying new places to eat and finding new twists on my favorite food items. Growing up in a small town taught me to appreciate local businesses. No sandwich, pastry, cake or coffee taste better than a local one. Yes, I know. You're thinking wait, what? There are other coffee shops besides Starbucks! Well believe it or not, there are many local businesses in small towns that have never been explored and flavors that have not been discovered. I want to be your eyes and mouth. I will go places you've never gone before and give you the inside scoop on what is trending at each restaurant. I'll tell you what regulars order and find hidden treasures that other people have yet to try. This blog will take you on an adventure to small towns across Georgia in search of amazing places to eat.


Photo Credit: Sam McDaniel

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