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Late Nights at Blackbird

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I don't know about y'all, but coffee always makes my day better. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans, and the smooth taste in my mouth keeps my heart happy. As Lorelai Gilmore would say, "Everything in my life has something to do with coffee."

decaf honey nut soy latte & chocolate chip cookie

As a college student, staying up late is a part of my daily routine. However, when I am up late, I don't want to drink caffeine because I won't be able to fall asleep later. So, my favorite late night drink order at Blackbird is the decaf honey nut soy latte. I live by this drink. You can order it hot, iced or blended, so this drink is great for all seasons. Generally, I try not to drink a lot of caffeine, so I usually make all my orders decaf.

iced white mocha

"The white mocha is the most popular drink," said Bailey Rowland, general manager of Blackbird. Customers order it hot or iced.

You can always personalize this drink order by adding soy milk or almond milk. You could try making it decaf or add a shot of espresso. I use soy milk in most of my coffee orders. Soy milk comes from plants, so it's naturally cholesterol free and low in saturated fat. Click here for pros and cons of soy milk.

fogle chai latte

The Fogle chai latte is a drink full of flavor. This drink is very smooth and creamy. If you love chai, this drink will knock your socks off. Blackbird offers tea, smoothies and milkshakes as well. "I am not a big coffee drinker, so I love a London fog," said Jordan Boyd, barista at Blackbird. A London fog is black tea with steamed milk.

london fog with whole milk & vanilla

peach smoothie

Blackbird roasts and grinds their own coffee beans. Their unique flavor will keep you craving more.


Photo Credit: Katie Marie

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