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A Bowl of Comfort

The colder weather is moving in, so y’all know what that means … warm, savory and delicious soups! My mouth is watering already, yours? Soups are believed to be around since the history of cooking and it is a classic dish to serve in the Fall and Winter months. Whether you are exploring downtown Madison, enjoying a boat ride on the lake or having a nice evening in Milledgeville, a bowl of comfort is waiting for you.

wild mushroom soup

Madison is not only the home to beautiful historic homes, but it is also the home to the best French style mushroom soup to ever touch your tongue! This soup is served piping hot and topped with truffle oil and chives. The Wild Mushroom Soup at Town 220 is creamy, salty and light. Its smooth and rich flavor will leave you wanting more, and don’t let the simplicity fool you because every spoonful is packed with flavor. This soup is absolute perfection, and if you feel the urge to lick the bowl, your secret is safe with me.

broccoli & cheddar soup

Nothing screams comfort more than the Broccoli and Cheddar Soup at Cafe 44 in Greensboro. This soup is served hot and with beautiful green chunks of broccoli. The melted cheese drips off the spoon with every bite. After a cool boat ride on the lake, this classic comfort soup is perfect to warm you up. The soup is served with a slice of a multigrain baguette which pairs perfectly with the rich cheesy flavor of the soup.

crab bisque

In downtown Milledgeville, The Reel Grill cooks up a delicious Crab Bisque. Not only is it thick and creamy, but absolutely (crab)tivating! You might not think of seafood when you think of Fall soups, but this crab bisque will not disappoint. The warm yellow color invites you into a buttery world of pure shellfish joy. The Old Bay Seasoning adds just enough spice and still leaves room for the crab to shine.


Photo Credit: Katie Marie

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